It used to be said that clothes make the man; I think that these days the web can make the man, yes a web made man. Certainly there are many web made solutions on the web for personal trainers to utilise and there is no need to reinvent the wheel when there are so many web made solutions out there.

Firstly let’s take diet. There are many web sites that purport to provide advice on diet, so which one to choose? Certainly you need to be careful, there is all sorts of nonsense, the other day I saw a diet based on jelly. The good news is there are many Government and University websites that provide very advice on diet, I often us the CSIRO website. The CSIRO provided very simple recipes that represent a balanced diet. Now I know the CSIRO is not as sensational as a jelly diet, but believe me the information is scientifically based.

Another area that is very important to personal trainers is stretching. Again there are all sorts of web sites that have flashy video showing people doing stretching routine. Now here you must be very careful. There are many videos that show young girls stretching to impossible positions, these videos are potentially dangerous. Over stretching can lead to lifelong health problems. I would recommend you look for a website that is sponsored by a physiotherapist association. The advantage of using such a website is that they usually demonstrate stretches in combination with strength exercises that target certain areas of the body. Now personal trainers are not physiotherapists and should not diagnosis problems or recommend treatment, however there is no harm using well researched techniques.

Again a word of warning, do not simply copy information from someone’s website and put it on your own. This will not impress anyone. The best way is to use links on your website leading to the information. This way you do not have bother updating and keeping the information relevant, also it will look more credible.

So here are just a couple of ideas on using web made resources in order to add to your personal trainer web site.