Digital Sex: Your Dirty Fingers

It comes as a shock knowing that only 4 percent of all the active websites on the Internet are sex-related. According to the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogi Gas, around 42,000 of the million most trafficked websites, including brothel websites, feature adult content. However, if you will ask web filtering companies or conservative groups, their porn statistics is aggrandized.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Internet Pornography

Internet pornography has long been an issue not only for the right-wing prudes, but also to Internet users in general. Webroot reported that it was “the first big Internet safety topic to make news”, and still remains a matter of interest alongside with cyberbullying and online identity theft. In fact, data show that online porn costs businesses in the United States at least $16.9 billion each year. Its adverse effects on families and youth are said to be monstrous and substantial.

The American Psychological Association said that Internet pornography hypersexualized girls, while the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy illustrated that it prodded sexting among teenagers. Moreover, it causes discontentment of married couples, which then leads to adultery and divorce.

On the lighter side of things, a study from the Archives of Sexual Behaviour revealed that the millenials born in the ‘90s era are having less sex. This is in contrast to the older millenials from the previous generation. The Washington Post analyzed why and they found out that today’s millenials are occupied by the Internet. Instead of letting go their sexual urges with other people, a greater part of these millenials are somewhat quite contented streaming Internet porn.

Why There’s Too Much Porn Online

Four percent may not seem much, yet the online porn industry has a wide reach and had penetrated a lot of societal barriers. But why is it that there’s “too much” porn in the Internet? The answer is simple: sex sells. The revenues from subscriptions to adult websites alone bring in at least a modest six-figure check in the country.

The industry also unlocked a new market — the religious and conservatives — who are said to be more addictive to online sex and whatnot. Moreover, Internet pornography resembles various facets of the sex industry. The interaction that these businesses offer draw more users, surprisingly.

Sex content can also be found on dating sites, online vendors and Internet ads, which are all established on the premise that sex does sell.

A Rubbish Removal Website from Western Sydney

The Rubbish Removal Sydney NSW website is a clean green looking design with pages covering most of metropolitan Sydney. There is info about recycling and waste management solutions for businesses and individuals. Whether you are seeking a commercial or residential solution to your waste management this site has it all. All the latest news in the green sector is included here online; the digital sphere is at its best when it is educating and informing consumers and clients. They work with schools and community groups as well.

The amount of useful info contained within this site is astounding and this means that nobody has any excuse for claiming ignorance when defending bad environmental practices and cleaning services. You can even attend a Waste and Recycling Expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre. At this premier event on the Australian waste management calendar there are lectures and demonstrations, in addition to the displays of industry participants. Organic waste is a hot topic at the moment in the waste management industry. There is so much more Australians of all descriptions could be doing to reduce land fill and pollution in our cities.

The site has a valuable collection of information rich articles in its blog section. Featured is a cutting edge article on Ocean Rubbish: An Existential Environmental Horror, which list the horrendous effects it has on marine life. The site looks off shore when an article examines Rubbish Removal and Recycling in Thailand; this is a fascinating look into what happens in the waste management sector in a developing country. There are many issues facing Thailand, as they move from open dumping to more sanitary landfilling. Recycling levels are gradually improving, as residents and governments recognise the importance of constructively dealing with their rubbish.

The site offers practical advice for dealing with the many different types of recycling material and how to best approach your recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium, plastics and the many other categories. Rubbish removal in Western Sydney has never been easier and supported by the targeted information available here; everything from bin size suitabilities to commercial rubbish removal options. Industrial wastes are also detailed here and what services this waste management business can offer those in need of their removal. Twenty five years of rubbish removal in Western Sydney and throughout the Sydney metro area has made this organisation a wealth of waste management solutions. Waste management is only going to become more and more important to cities all over the world.


Business Loans? Almost an Exact Match Domain

A fresh no frills website, which fills the bill for those looking for business loans. There are panels for commercial loans, small business loans, short term loans and something called business loans Australia; and these all lead to pages detailing the many features and variables that this finance business services. You need money to make money in the twenty first century; maybe you always did. Money from banks has got harder to access for some and more expensive; due to the new financial regulations brought in recently by the Federal Government.

Post the 2008 global financial meltdown because of the American greed in the subprime mortgage market; governments around the world have stiffened bank reserves. The banks, of course, pass these increased costs on to their customers. This may make alternative sources for finance to become more attractive, especially to those more high risk customers seeking a loan. Low doc business loans can offer those seeking money for their business a quick way to finance their plans.

Business loans? Almost an exact match domain. Yes this site contains things like a business loan calculator, interest rates and FAQ page to answer many of their potential client’s questions. There are also articles about the finance industry and tips for improving business opportunities and profitability. Debt consolidation loans are another speciality of the Business Loans site. This business offers loans right around Australia for businesses everywhere.

Business Loans can help you understand many of the terms used by the finance industry, such as: Appreciation; Collateral; Appraisal; Depreciation; Debt Consolidation; Grace Period; Instalment; Inflation; Low Doc Loan; Maturity; Renovation Loan; Settlement; Sole Ownership; Underwriting; Warranty; Yield; Variable Return; Zone; and many more.

The Business Loans site blog can help you construct an effective business plan, offering valuable information from those professionals in the finance business. There is an article on how to quote your professional services, which will be able to help many who are starting out as professionals. Another article offers advice on dismissing an unsatisfactory employee the right way; this part of being an employer is never easy. There is advice for entering the digital sphere; getting your business online to reap the rewards. There is even advice for job seekers and pitching start up businesses to potential investors. The Business Loans site is much more than just a website offering loans; it is a portal into understanding the entire financial realm.


A Recycling Magazine for Sydney’s Digital Readers

RecyclingScreenshot is a new magazine style website informing Sydneysiders about all things recycling. A spacious design with lots of big pictures, the aim of the site seems to be to inspire residents to recycle more and better. The navigation bar offers buttons for recycling, Sydney, waste disposal, skip bins and the environment. Under these headings are articles about various initiatives in both the public and private sectors, which encourage recycling. The environment in large cities like Sydney, where millions of people live, is constantly under pressure from inefficient waste disposal, pollution and land fill.

The website links to the Australian Federal Government’s fact sheets on waste policy, and to the City of Sydney Council information pages on recycling and bin collections. Doyle Bros from the private waste management sector are also represented and the link to their website offers a range of articles and information sheets on all things recycling. Recent posts on include missives on the marketing of waste disposal, reviews of other Aussie eco websites and advice about rubbish in the festive season.

Pinterest is the main social media channel employed by the designers of this website and this fits with the strong emphasis on images to impress the recycling message. They say every picture tells a thousand stories and is out to prove that adage. When viewers can see what to do they do not have to spend a lot of time reading up on how to do things. Much of the recycling message is common sense and this site reminds us all to keep on recycling.

Recycling does fall into a number of categories and this site has pages explaining the various approaches required to maximise the effectiveness of recycling within the waste disposal industry. Getting glass and cans into the recycling bin in their loose state rather than inside a bin liner is essential for effective recycling of this material; otherwise they end up as landfill because the facilities cannot deal with bagged items, as they clog up their machines. Food scraps and waste are best interred into the ground for compost by residents living in homes with gardens. Apartment dwellers could come together and find a communal place to deal with their compost, perhaps in concert with the building management and/or local council. Newspaper should be kept separate from cardboard, as it can be directly recycled back into making more newspapers. Discover where you can drop these things off rather than chucking them all into your yellow bin together.

This is a valuable site for the environment in Sydney and it will only continue to improve as it grows in size.