Top DIY Website Design Tips

If you’re considering launching a new website for your product or service, it is important that your website have a professional feel that will inspire confidence and trust in you and your products. Working on a website design, depending on how complicated your vision is, can best be done in conjunction with a web design company. However, if you are the sort of independent, forward-thinking person who wants to build a website with his or her own two hands, then you should know what are some of the top do-it-yourself tips for website design?

Do not auto play

No matter how good your product or service is, the last thing any customer wants to do when they get onto your website is to have an advertisement autoplay. This is particularly true for an advertisement autoplay that is not immediately visible so they can’t find where the audio is coming from. This is incredibly distracting and incredibly annoying to potential customers, especially ones at work. Simply presenting the information in a straightforward written and static visual way is the best way to be able to get your message across. If you must include a video, make sure that it’s the customer who decides if he or she wants to watch it or not.

Fewer menu tabs is better

With a website, your ultimate goal is to make it convenient and easy for customers to get the information about your product, service, or message and not get themselves lost in the weeds. Having too many menu tabs and too many options can make navigation difficult. If they want to call you, is your information under the “about us” tab? What about the “support” tab? Perhaps the “contact tab”? The fewer menu tabs available, the more directly your clients will be able to get to the exact information they want. Ideally, you should have no more than four: a home tab, a tab that talks about your products /services and pricing, a tab that talks about who you are and why you do it, and a contact page.

Always use high quality pictures

Always use high quality pictures! Far too many do-it-yourself websites feature low quality, blurry photos taken by the owners themselves with a 2 megapixel camera years ago. We’ve all heard the old idioms to “not judge a book by its cover” but the truth is people do. If your website looks like a low-quality montage, people will assume your product and services are the same. You should never simply give in and say this is the best picture of (XYZ) that we have; rather if the best quality picture you have is bad quality, get a professional photographer or a better camera and take a high-quality picture. Your low-quality pictures could cost you money in lost business.

If you follow these few tips, or even ask advice from a local web design company about some of the biggest pitfalls they are aware of, you can easily protect yourself and your business from annoying autoplay, confusing menus and sub menus, or poor perception from bad photos. Let your business shine as a model of comfort, efficiency, and professionalism.

Personal Trainers developing great online strategies to bring in new clients

It used to be said that clothes make the man; I think that these days the web can make the man, yes a web made man. Certainly there are many web made solutions on the web for personal trainers to utilise and there is no need to reinvent the wheel when there are so many web made solutions out there.

Firstly let’s take diet. There are many web sites that purport to provide advice on diet, so which one to choose? Certainly you need to be careful, there is all sorts of nonsense, the other day I saw a diet based on jelly. The good news is there are many Government and University websites that provide very advice on diet, I often us the CSIRO website. The CSIRO provided very simple recipes that represent a balanced diet. Now I know the CSIRO is not as sensational as a jelly diet, but believe me the information is scientifically based.

Another area that is very important to personal trainers is stretching. Again there are all sorts of web sites that have flashy video showing people doing stretching routine. Now here you must be very careful. There are many videos that show young girls stretching to impossible positions, these videos are potentially dangerous. Over stretching can lead to lifelong health problems. I would recommend you look for a website that is sponsored by a physiotherapist association. The advantage of using such a website is that they usually demonstrate stretches in combination with strength exercises that target certain areas of the body. Now personal trainers are not physiotherapists and should not diagnosis problems or recommend treatment, however there is no harm using well researched techniques.

Again a word of warning, do not simply copy information from someone’s website and put it on your own. This will not impress anyone. The best way is to use links on your website leading to the information. This way you do not have bother updating and keeping the information relevant, also it will look more credible.

So here are just a couple of ideas on using web made resources in order to add to your personal trainer web site.

A Marketing Strategy Website Made in Sydney

Australians are great marketers; they have to be, because they are selling to a much tougher audience. They say the Yanks are the greatest sales nation in the world, what with Hollywood selling American culture all over the globe. Who doesn’t know that you can solve any problem with a gun? American movies take that special message to every fourteen year old in the audience; and let’s face it lots of people never mature beyond that age anyway. Guns and their bullets conquer aliens, despite their superior technologies; they manage to take out supernatural creatures, despite their indifference to these weapons earlier on in the film. Any time an American is in a jam, he turns to his gun. If you can market such stupidity to the world, you can probably market anything.

Sydneysiders and the rest of Australia are not big on guns; especially since Port Arthur and Martin Bryant. Our government, under John Howard, managed to market the anti-gun message to the country; but we were never that into guns anyway. We never marketed the whole shoot em up Wild West to the world; where a quick hand and a gun made you a celebrity. In Sydney we marketed, more recently, the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour, the Bridge and the relaxed Australian way of life.

The Marketim website offer small business marketing consulting and strategies to the whole world. This fresh looking site has a message for its global audience, Australians are not afraid to do anything; and they have succeeded in marketing a former convict colony on an international stage like the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Gone are the low self esteem and the bad fashion statements, and the nasal twang; and subsidising inefficient US car companies manufacturing here. The Marketim website is an example of a new wave of fresh, confident and clever Australians.

Sydney is one of the greatest cities in the world, if you have a dollar or two, and know how to enjoy yourself. Great food is everywhere, great wine and cocktail bars, brilliant weather, beaches, boating, surf, bushland and outdoor living. Exciting new businesses in the IT sector offering ground breaking stuff and this is just the beginning. Money is being made in this city and not just in real estate and property. The Asian financial sector is basing parts of itself here and new investment is making things happen. Plus best of all, we don’t have many guns.

A Horse Racing Betting Website Made in Adelaide

When analysing the Bets Free website, one sees a site dedicated to all things sport and the chance to gamble on those sporting events. From the blue, gold and white colour design to the multi-banner advertising platform, this is a bookmaker’s digital dream. Online gambling is paraded in all its glory through the mounting yard of your mind, as you perceive the numerous opportunities presented before your eyes. The look and feel is kept clear and simple for the punter audience perusing the offers and deals.

The Bets Free site declares itself, first and foremost, a thoroughbred horse racing site and reviews the various online bookmakers through this speciality looking glass. The site looks at the promotions offered by these online gambling sites for the racing enthusiast. There are special promotions on featured races offering money back if your horse runs second and you have backed it for a win. Or, a punter might earn a twenty percent bonus on a winning quaddie on a particular featured race day. Another online bookmaking website offers a visa card in their name, which means that punters can instantly withdraw their winnings rather than waiting a couple of days, which is the usual situation. examines the mobile apps offered by the online bookmaking websites and reviews these for the punter. The size of menus on your phone screen and the functionality of these apps are rated like race horses. Helping you to decide which one you are going to get up on. The pages on each online gambling app use analogies from history and literature to contextualise the key points of their reviews. The Enigma code breaking machine, used by the Allies against the Nazis, is coopted to illuminate one such example.

Betting is big business, there is no escaping that fact, and it matches up exceedingly well with the digital sphere. With gadgets and devices which can make betting not only easier but also much more enjoyable. Computers have the number crunching brain power to provide instant odds on a diverse range of markets, which means what is on offer to the humble punter now is mind boggling. It sure beats the old days of SP bookies and crowded and dirty TABs. I loved that ad on TV about the kind of people you met in those places; I personally remember them well and what they smelt like.

A Lead Generation Website about Sharepoint Consulting


The look and feel of the website suggests the excitement of Australia’s biggest and boldest city, Sydney. The glittering full screen image of the Opera House, the harbour and Sydney by night all point toward the success of size and sharing in that success. Business is about effective communication and the digital sphere is the place to make that communication really happen. The navigation bar offers drop down menus for services, information and search, each of which takes the viewer deeper into the Sharepoint solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Sharepoint is about workflow, deployment planning, business intelligence, site branding, content migration, enterprise content management and standalone development. Microsoft Sharepoint developers customise these kinds of digital solutions for businesses big and small. With growth comes new challenges in communication for all aspects of doing business. Utilising developments in the most widely used software medium makes sense and Sharepoint leads the way.

Recent posts on the site look ahead to future and coming trends, and examine social media trends in business. Cloud computing has changed the way things are being done these days in the digital realm. Sharepoint consultancy services can analyse your businesses requirements for interstaff and customer communication. Work processes will be streamlined, your employees will save time and you will be able to integrate the latest technologies into your business model. Sharepoint solutions will enable increased security and improve client relationships. proudly lets potential customers know that they developed solutions for some of the largest and most respected corporations in Australia. These include the Commonwealth Bank, AMP, Macquarie Bank, LJ Hooker, Colonial First State, Richard Crookes Constructions and Camp Quality. The clean white background makes the logos of these companies and the Microsoft Windows logo really stand out; this is a business built on quality brand names.

The site points to its total service model, which includes: consultancy, to design, to implementation and finally, customer adoption. They offer reliability and power from their web server, search engine and scalable infrastructure; including Office 365 integration. Sharepoint consulting and development provide modern business with the necessary tools to succeed in the twenty first century. There are also opportunities for the creation of lead generation for sharepoint companies.

This website avoids the blandness of many sites in the IT sector of the World Wide Web. It stands out waving the flag for Microsoft solutions for businesses everywhere and in every industry.