A Industry Website Based in Brisbane

Brothels.com.au is directory site for the adult’s services industry in Australia; as its name so obviously suggests. The look and feel of the design is early twentieth century bad boys meets gentlemen’s club. Black and white predominantly with the odd touch of brilliant red; these seem to be the colours most favoured by the commercial sex industry. The style of the theme seems tailor made for the site’s market. The site is categorised geographically into the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, and Darwin. The website is marketing these brothels to the bigger populations of Toms, Dicks and Harries.

Viewers can also connect with the boys and girls from Brothels.com.au through social media, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The commercial sex world is alive with sharing via these mediums, as they seek to reach their market of libidinous men. There are articles posted online about erotic massage in Australia and whether most pairs of beautiful breasts are real. Plus there are articles presenting marketing tips for brothel owners, and articles encouraging pornstar acting abilities, encouraging masturbation for better health, complaining about women faking orgasms, and listing brothels in smaller regional areas of the country.

This site has images of beautiful bodies bared to entice arousal in its audience, as they peruse the listings for various brothels in state and territory capital cities around the nation. The brothels in Brisbane page has a menu which includes Miso Honey, which suggests a market for those who liked to be smeared by something sticky; which is both salty and sweet with an Asian flavour. Asian escorts and specialty Asian brothels are very popular in Queensland it seems, with a preponderance of girls of this ethnicity advertising their sexual services in the tropical state. Perhaps they love the climate up there and getting all sweaty.

Sydney is definitely Australia’s ‘sin city’ with more listings for adult sex service providers than any other territory. This website will have a listing for you if you are in the market for some commercial sex. The site has a tight focus on the brothel business in Australia and regularly ranks number one on most search engines for the terms brothels Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and the other listed territories. Good SEO is vital for all businesses advertising their wares in the digital sphere and the sex industry is a big player online.


A Phone Service Website Made in Sydney

The website Phonesext.com.au is a fairly blue affair, with flashing banners and images of near naked girls enticing the viewer to come and play. Or, should I say come and do business, because at the bottom of the glitz and glam this is a commercial sex business site. The site features opportunities for live phone sex, video sex, adult dating, live web cam girls and a mobile sex video service. This is adult services engaging with digital technology and its devices to the max. It is the virtual fulfilment of male fantasies in exchange for payment.

It could, I suppose, be described as one big digital masturbatory aid service with lots of options for the imagination challenged market; which is obviously a large one. The site is plugged into all the main channels of social media, with Twitter, Facebook Google+, Pinterest and SumoMe all getting a guernsey. This is sex and communication rolling over and into each other again and again. Adult hook-ups and sex dating are calling out for the viewer’s contact details; and the site offers a newsletter membership feature.

The site’s blog is a storehouse of erotic stories to get readers in the mood for some live video sex action or sexting or live phone sex. Discover true life stories of phone sex workers and their proclivities. There are lots more images, supposedly of, attractive phone sex operatives; but of course with the fraudulent Internet you will never really know will you? Phonesext.com.au wants you to believe in the fantasy and that is what this commercial sex website is all about.

Get porn on your mobile phone by downloading or streaming sex videos from this site. The need to be aroused by images of fornicating females is met in spades by this multi-functional adult’s only website. It could be described as a hub for digital sex, where pixels pant like virtual sex babes and sound bytes leave electronic love bites in your cerebral core. Phone sex in Sydney has never been more accessible for the horny and untouched. The hook-ups and sex dating network functions may provide customers with opportunities to have actual sex with a physically present human being.

A phone sex website made in Sydney, which engages with a market built on sexual allure. Commercial sex that digitally delivers images and sounds of sex to those that wish to be thus entertained.

An Entertainment Directory for Australia

The myplaymate.com.au website is an adult services site covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. It contains directory listing for escorts in all of these state capital cities in a variety of categories. The site is styled in a provocative manner utilising the contrasting colours of black, red and white. Suggestive images of scantily dressed female escorts are paraded across the pages to stimulate the reader’s sexual interest. The site’s navigation bar offers listing category choices for escorts, brothels, agencies, massage, media services, and blogs.

The site offers the opportunity to sign up for membership if you are an escort or associated sex industry business. After an initial free 14 day trial period advertisers are charged monthly fees which begin at $80 and upwards. MPM offers escorts professional photographic services to enhance their media profile on the site. The digital age has provided the adult services industry with a highly effective portal into the hands and homes of its market. Escorts can offer their services discreetly and directly to interested punters. There has been an explosion in the promotional use of the Internet and social media, especially Twitter, by sex workers in Australia. Myplaymate.com.au has links to a Twitter account My Playmate @MyPlayMateAU; and Instagram and Facebook accounts as well.

The site also has a rich collection of blogs and posts, which are a mix of the informative and titillating. Readers can learn about aspects of the Adult Industry, including Dominatrix escorts, sex workers for the elderly, the top male escorts, freaky condoms, sexting etiquette, vaginal exercises, the porn industry and lots more. You will find out more about the wonderful world of commercial sex than you ever thought possible.

The directory functionality of the Myplaymate.com.au website includes Google GPS location finder to assist the customer in accessing escorts in the geographically appropriate area. Whether the client is looking for male escorts, transgender, fantasy escorts and/or high class escorts the directory can fulfil these specific requirements. Escorts in Melbourne, for example, provides a visual collection of some dozen featured escorts, which you can then click on to for further individual details. The directory page will tell you the escorts age, gender, ethnicity, height, eye colour, body type, price per hour and their distance in km from the punter. The functionality of the directory listing will further provide break downs on rates for different chronological requirements, availability times, specific sexual services provided, languages spoken and other pertinent individual information.