RecyclingScreenshot is a new magazine style website informing Sydneysiders about all things recycling. A spacious design with lots of big pictures, the aim of the site seems to be to inspire residents to recycle more and better. The navigation bar offers buttons for recycling, Sydney, waste disposal, skip bins and the environment. Under these headings are articles about various initiatives in both the public and private sectors, which encourage recycling. The environment in large cities like Sydney, where millions of people live, is constantly under pressure from inefficient waste disposal, pollution and land fill.

The website links to the Australian Federal Government’s fact sheets on waste policy, and to the City of Sydney Council information pages on recycling and bin collections. Doyle Bros from the private waste management sector are also represented and the link to their website offers a range of articles and information sheets on all things recycling. Recent posts on include missives on the marketing of waste disposal, reviews of other Aussie eco websites and advice about rubbish in the festive season.

Pinterest is the main social media channel employed by the designers of this website and this fits with the strong emphasis on images to impress the recycling message. They say every picture tells a thousand stories and is out to prove that adage. When viewers can see what to do they do not have to spend a lot of time reading up on how to do things. Much of the recycling message is common sense and this site reminds us all to keep on recycling.

Recycling does fall into a number of categories and this site has pages explaining the various approaches required to maximise the effectiveness of recycling within the waste disposal industry. Getting glass and cans into the recycling bin in their loose state rather than inside a bin liner is essential for effective recycling of this material; otherwise they end up as landfill because the facilities cannot deal with bagged items, as they clog up their machines. Food scraps and waste are best interred into the ground for compost by residents living in homes with gardens. Apartment dwellers could come together and find a communal place to deal with their compost, perhaps in concert with the building management and/or local council. Newspaper should be kept separate from cardboard, as it can be directly recycled back into making more newspapers. Discover where you can drop these things off rather than chucking them all into your yellow bin together.

This is a valuable site for the environment in Sydney and it will only continue to improve as it grows in size.