Australians are great marketers; they have to be, because they are selling to a much tougher audience. They say the Yanks are the greatest sales nation in the world, what with Hollywood selling American culture all over the globe. Who doesn’t know that you can solve any problem with a gun? American movies take that special message to every fourteen year old in the audience; and let’s face it lots of people never mature beyond that age anyway. Guns and their bullets conquer aliens, despite their superior technologies; they manage to take out supernatural creatures, despite their indifference to these weapons earlier on in the film. Any time an American is in a jam, he turns to his gun. If you can market such stupidity to the world, you can probably market anything.

Sydneysiders and the rest of Australia are not big on guns; especially since Port Arthur and Martin Bryant. Our government, under John Howard, managed to market the anti-gun message to the country; but we were never that into guns anyway. We never marketed the whole shoot em up Wild West to the world; where a quick hand and a gun made you a celebrity. In Sydney we marketed, more recently, the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour, the Bridge and the relaxed Australian way of life.

The Marketim website offer small business marketing consulting and strategies to the whole world. This fresh looking site has a message for its global audience, Australians are not afraid to do anything; and they have succeeded in marketing a former convict colony on an international stage like the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Gone are the low self esteem and the bad fashion statements, and the nasal twang; and subsidising inefficient US car companies manufacturing here. The Marketim website is an example of a new wave of fresh, confident and clever Australians.

Sydney is one of the greatest cities in the world, if you have a dollar or two, and know how to enjoy yourself. Great food is everywhere, great wine and cocktail bars, brilliant weather, beaches, boating, surf, bushland and outdoor living. Exciting new businesses in the IT sector offering ground breaking stuff and this is just the beginning. Money is being made in this city and not just in real estate and property. The Asian financial sector is basing parts of itself here and new investment is making things happen. Plus best of all, we don’t have many guns.