When analysing the Bets Free website, one sees a site dedicated to all things sport and the chance to gamble on those sporting events. From the blue, gold and white colour design to the multi-banner advertising platform, this is a bookmaker’s digital dream. Online gambling is paraded in all its glory through the mounting yard of your mind, as you perceive the numerous opportunities presented before your eyes. The look and feel is kept clear and simple for the punter audience perusing the offers and deals.

The Bets Free site declares itself, first and foremost, a thoroughbred horse racing site and reviews the various online bookmakers through this speciality looking glass. The site looks at the promotions offered by these online gambling sites for the racing enthusiast. There are special promotions on featured races offering money back if your horse runs second and you have backed it for a win. Or, a punter might earn a twenty percent bonus on a winning quaddie on a particular featured race day. Another online bookmaking website offers a visa card in their name, which means that punters can instantly withdraw their winnings rather than waiting a couple of days, which is the usual situation.

www.betsfree.com.au examines the mobile apps offered by the online bookmaking websites and reviews these for the punter. The size of menus on your phone screen and the functionality of these apps are rated like race horses. Helping you to decide which one you are going to get up on. The pages on each online gambling app use analogies from history and literature to contextualise the key points of their reviews. The Enigma code breaking machine, used by the Allies against the Nazis, is coopted to illuminate one such example.

Betting is big business, there is no escaping that fact, and it matches up exceedingly well with the digital sphere. With gadgets and devices which can make betting not only easier but also much more enjoyable. Computers have the number crunching brain power to provide instant odds on a diverse range of markets, which means what is on offer to the humble punter now is mind boggling. It sure beats the old days of SP bookies and crowded and dirty TABs. I loved that ad on TV about the kind of people you met in those places; I personally remember them well and what they smelt like.