Digital Sex: Your Dirty Fingers

It comes as a shock knowing that only 4 percent of all the active websites on the Internet are sex-related. According to the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogi Gas, around 42,000 of the million most trafficked websites, including brothel websites, feature adult content. However, if you will ask web filtering companies or conservative groups, their porn statistics is aggrandized.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Internet Pornography

Internet pornography has long been an issue not only for the right-wing prudes, but also to Internet users in general. Webroot reported that it was “the first big Internet safety topic to make news”, and still remains a matter of interest alongside with cyberbullying and online identity theft. In fact, data show that online porn costs businesses in the United States at least $16.9 billion each year. Its adverse effects on families and youth are said to be monstrous and substantial.

The American Psychological Association said that Internet pornography hypersexualized girls, while the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy illustrated that it prodded sexting among teenagers. Moreover, it causes discontentment of married couples, which then leads to adultery and divorce.

On the lighter side of things, a study from the Archives of Sexual Behaviour revealed that the millenials born in the ‘90s era are having less sex. This is in contrast to the older millenials from the previous generation. The Washington Post analyzed why and they found out that today’s millenials are occupied by the Internet. Instead of letting go their sexual urges with other people, a greater part of these millenials are somewhat quite contented streaming Internet porn.

Why There’s Too Much Porn Online

Four percent may not seem much, yet the online porn industry has a wide reach and had penetrated a lot of societal barriers. But why is it that there’s “too much” porn in the Internet? The answer is simple: sex sells. The revenues from subscriptions to adult websites alone bring in at least a modest six-figure check in the country.

The industry also unlocked a new market — the religious and conservatives — who are said to be more addictive to online sex and whatnot. Moreover, Internet pornography resembles various facets of the sex industry. The interaction that these businesses offer draw more users, surprisingly.

Sex content can also be found on dating sites, online vendors and Internet ads, which are all established on the premise that sex does sell.