A Promotional Products Website Built In Russia

A-Promotional-Products-Website-Built-In-RussiaCompany website is the first thing viewers see when they are looking for products online. It is important that the site is attractive, usable and professional. Be Promoted Australia is a promotional products website built in Russia. Lots of the links coming into Web-made are from .ru source. This website only proves that when it comes to global web design language is no barrier. There is no mistaking that the website was designed for Australians.

The home page all fit the screen. You can easily find where you need to go from the homepage. The menu bar on top with navigation links is visible. The navigation is consistent and intuitive, minimal scrolling is required as the product category is written on the left side. The designer used colours and layout that made the site appealing and engaging. The images on the slider will capture your eyes first. It’s like an online poster because it visually represents the sample products, range of prices and additional services being offered by the company.

If your company is looking for promotional products and corporate gifts to give to your customers, you can choose from a wide variety of products depending on your budget. Click on the product category example, “Bags” and you will be taken to the different kinds of bags such as sports bags, backpacks, business bags, cooler bags, calico bags, enviro bags and bamboo bags. Each sub-category contains different individual products. Each individual product contains the product code and description in the URL. There are clear images of the product which is professionally done that enlarges when you point the mouse to it, giving the user a better view of the product. Product details such as colours, sizes and price are also enumerated. The navigational structure on this site allows the user to find content quickly and efficiently.

Selling promotional products and corporate gifts is the purpose of the site and it’s clear on the first look. The purpose is reinforced throughout the site. The wide range of products on offer makes Be Promoted and the efficient design of the website makes it different from other companies selling promotional merchandise online. The contact information is written on the banner. It is visible whatever page the viewer clicks on, customers using mobile devices can easily call and place their order. It also has convenient capture pages where prospective customers can provide their information.

Be Promoted provides online ability to purchase and accepts credit cards online. It also uses a shopping cart system. Price information, shipping charges and other transaction costs are provided on the product pages. Orders are confirmed by email along with the order number. Terms and condition page is clear and easy to understand.
Be Promoted site is designed with the users in mind. Users will be able to find the product they are looking for in two clicks. The site loads easily and users can return to the homepage from all areas of the site.

An Asian Cultural Website Celebrating AustralAsians


ACM Group is an Asian cultural website based in Australia. You can tell at first glance that the ACM Group Sydney website is about the integration of the Chinese and Australian culture. The objective of the website which is to help foster positive interactions between Australians, Asians and Asian Australians is clearly stated on the site. The banner image clearly depicts what the site is for. The website purpose is reinforced throughout the site from the images displayed. The announcement of the site launching is displayed on the history page.

ACM Group or Asian Cultural Management Group can be easily found by the searchers when they put their query on the search box. The URL uses the company name and the Sydney extension identifies it as an Australian website. The site loads easily on search engine and does not require Flash, Shockwave or other viewers. The site is listed high in Google when you search for the application words “cultural groups Sydney” as it appears on the first page. You can easily navigate on the site. The navigation method is consistent and in similar locations. The use of scrolling is minimized especially on the primary navigation pages.

The home page established the basic navigation methods. The places viewers will click are very obvious. The menu bar on top will take you to the about page, what we do page which clearly state the site purpose, history page and the contact us page. The navigation bar is consistent, intuitive and easily identifiable. You can easily find it at the top against the background colour and images. The viewers will not be lost when they open a new browser window, the home page will not keep hanging when you click on the back button. Visitors will not be trapped or redirected to another site and they are allowed to back out. The ‘home’ link is present in the same position on every page in the site. A mouseover is used to indicate the navigation button you select.

Red is the dominant colour in the ACM Group Sydney site which is considered a lucky colour in the orient. It has a visual appeal, the images used in the sites can convince the viewers to click on the link and read the articles. The width and length is just right and it does not require the viewers to move a slider to the right to view the full width of the screen. The blog is periodically updated and the older contents are archived. The archive is arranged by month from the oldest to the most recent. The contents are easily readable and appeals to Asians and Australians. It is well thought of and written for the target audience. There is an attention to details no spelling errors, broken graphics and broken links. Real content is provided on the site especially for those looking for information on Asians in Australia.

The ACM Group Sydney website has a substantial amount of significant, visual content and interesting text for its target audience. It contains better content not just a bunch of pictures or brochure but it is interesting with captivating information for viewers. There is also an email path where viewers can ask questions. The form to be filled requires minimal information. There is a link to its Facebook fan page where viewers can have online interaction. A two way communication is easy and encouraged.