Top DIY Website Design Tips

If you’re considering launching a new website for your product or service, it is important that your website have a professional feel that will inspire confidence and trust in you and your products. Working on a website design, depending on how complicated your vision is, can best be done in conjunction with a web design company. However, if you are the sort of independent, forward-thinking person who wants to build a website with his or her own two hands, then you should know what are some of the top do-it-yourself tips for website design?

Do not auto play

No matter how good your product or service is, the last thing any customer wants to do when they get onto your website is to have an advertisement autoplay. This is particularly true for an advertisement autoplay that is not immediately visible so they can’t find where the audio is coming from. This is incredibly distracting and incredibly annoying to potential customers, especially ones at work. Simply presenting the information in a straightforward written and static visual way is the best way to be able to get your message across. If you must include a video, make sure that it’s the customer who decides if he or she wants to watch it or not.

Fewer menu tabs is better

With a website, your ultimate goal is to make it convenient and easy for customers to get the information about your product, service, or message and not get themselves lost in the weeds. Having too many menu tabs and too many options can make navigation difficult. If they want to call you, is your information under the “about us” tab? What about the “support” tab? Perhaps the “contact tab”? The fewer menu tabs available, the more directly your clients will be able to get to the exact information they want. Ideally, you should have no more than four: a home tab, a tab that talks about your products /services and pricing, a tab that talks about who you are and why you do it, and a contact page.

Always use high quality pictures

Always use high quality pictures! Far too many do-it-yourself websites feature low quality, blurry photos taken by the owners themselves with a 2 megapixel camera years ago. We’ve all heard the old idioms to “not judge a book by its cover” but the truth is people do. If your website looks like a low-quality montage, people will assume your product and services are the same. You should never simply give in and say this is the best picture of (XYZ) that we have; rather if the best quality picture you have is bad quality, get a professional photographer or a better camera and take a high-quality picture. Your low-quality pictures could cost you money in lost business.

If you follow these few tips, or even ask advice from a local web design company about some of the biggest pitfalls they are aware of, you can easily protect yourself and your business from annoying autoplay, confusing menus and sub menus, or poor perception from bad photos. Let your business shine as a model of comfort, efficiency, and professionalism.

Digital Sex: Your Dirty Fingers

It comes as a shock knowing that only 4 percent of all the active websites on the Internet are sex-related. According to the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogi Gas, around 42,000 of the million most trafficked websites, including brothel websites, feature adult content. However, if you will ask web filtering companies or conservative groups, their porn statistics is aggrandized.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Internet Pornography

Internet pornography has long been an issue not only for the right-wing prudes, but also to Internet users in general. Webroot reported that it was “the first big Internet safety topic to make news”, and still remains a matter of interest alongside with cyberbullying and online identity theft. In fact, data show that online porn costs businesses in the United States at least $16.9 billion each year. Its adverse effects on families and youth are said to be monstrous and substantial.

The American Psychological Association said that Internet pornography hypersexualized girls, while the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy illustrated that it prodded sexting among teenagers. Moreover, it causes discontentment of married couples, which then leads to adultery and divorce.

On the lighter side of things, a study from the Archives of Sexual Behaviour revealed that the millenials born in the ‘90s era are having less sex. This is in contrast to the older millenials from the previous generation. The Washington Post analyzed why and they found out that today’s millenials are occupied by the Internet. Instead of letting go their sexual urges with other people, a greater part of these millenials are somewhat quite contented streaming Internet porn.

Why There’s Too Much Porn Online

Four percent may not seem much, yet the online porn industry has a wide reach and had penetrated a lot of societal barriers. But why is it that there’s “too much” porn in the Internet? The answer is simple: sex sells. The revenues from subscriptions to adult websites alone bring in at least a modest six-figure check in the country.

The industry also unlocked a new market — the religious and conservatives — who are said to be more addictive to online sex and whatnot. Moreover, Internet pornography resembles various facets of the sex industry. The interaction that these businesses offer draw more users, surprisingly.

Sex content can also be found on dating sites, online vendors and Internet ads, which are all established on the premise that sex does sell.

A Promotional Products Website Built In Russia

A-Promotional-Products-Website-Built-In-RussiaCompany website is the first thing viewers see when they are looking for products online. It is important that the site is attractive, usable and professional. Be Promoted Australia is a promotional products website built in Russia. Lots of the links coming into Web-made are from .ru source. This website only proves that when it comes to global web design language is no barrier. There is no mistaking that the website was designed for Australians.

The home page all fit the screen. You can easily find where you need to go from the homepage. The menu bar on top with navigation links is visible. The navigation is consistent and intuitive, minimal scrolling is required as the product category is written on the left side. The designer used colours and layout that made the site appealing and engaging. The images on the slider will capture your eyes first. It’s like an online poster because it visually represents the sample products, range of prices and additional services being offered by the company.

If your company is looking for promotional products and corporate gifts to give to your customers, you can choose from a wide variety of products depending on your budget. Click on the product category example, “Bags” and you will be taken to the different kinds of bags such as sports bags, backpacks, business bags, cooler bags, calico bags, enviro bags and bamboo bags. Each sub-category contains different individual products. Each individual product contains the product code and description in the URL. There are clear images of the product which is professionally done that enlarges when you point the mouse to it, giving the user a better view of the product. Product details such as colours, sizes and price are also enumerated. The navigational structure on this site allows the user to find content quickly and efficiently.

Selling promotional products and corporate gifts is the purpose of the site and it’s clear on the first look. The purpose is reinforced throughout the site. The wide range of products on offer makes Be Promoted and the efficient design of the website makes it different from other companies selling promotional merchandise online. The contact information is written on the banner. It is visible whatever page the viewer clicks on, customers using mobile devices can easily call and place their order. It also has convenient capture pages where prospective customers can provide their information.

Be Promoted provides online ability to purchase and accepts credit cards online. It also uses a shopping cart system. Price information, shipping charges and other transaction costs are provided on the product pages. Orders are confirmed by email along with the order number. Terms and condition page is clear and easy to understand.
Be Promoted site is designed with the users in mind. Users will be able to find the product they are looking for in two clicks. The site loads easily and users can return to the homepage from all areas of the site.

An Asian Cultural Website Celebrating AustralAsians


ACM Group is an Asian cultural website based in Australia. You can tell at first glance that the ACM Group Sydney website is about the integration of the Chinese and Australian culture. The objective of the website which is to help foster positive interactions between Australians, Asians and Asian Australians is clearly stated on the site. The banner image clearly depicts what the site is for. The website purpose is reinforced throughout the site from the images displayed. The announcement of the site launching is displayed on the history page.

ACM Group or Asian Cultural Management Group can be easily found by the searchers when they put their query on the search box. The URL uses the company name and the Sydney extension identifies it as an Australian website. The site loads easily on search engine and does not require Flash, Shockwave or other viewers. The site is listed high in Google when you search for the application words “cultural groups Sydney” as it appears on the first page. You can easily navigate on the site. The navigation method is consistent and in similar locations. The use of scrolling is minimized especially on the primary navigation pages.

The home page established the basic navigation methods. The places viewers will click are very obvious. The menu bar on top will take you to the about page, what we do page which clearly state the site purpose, history page and the contact us page. The navigation bar is consistent, intuitive and easily identifiable. You can easily find it at the top against the background colour and images. The viewers will not be lost when they open a new browser window, the home page will not keep hanging when you click on the back button. Visitors will not be trapped or redirected to another site and they are allowed to back out. The ‘home’ link is present in the same position on every page in the site. A mouseover is used to indicate the navigation button you select.

Red is the dominant colour in the ACM Group Sydney site which is considered a lucky colour in the orient. It has a visual appeal, the images used in the sites can convince the viewers to click on the link and read the articles. The width and length is just right and it does not require the viewers to move a slider to the right to view the full width of the screen. The blog is periodically updated and the older contents are archived. The archive is arranged by month from the oldest to the most recent. The contents are easily readable and appeals to Asians and Australians. It is well thought of and written for the target audience. There is an attention to details no spelling errors, broken graphics and broken links. Real content is provided on the site especially for those looking for information on Asians in Australia.

The ACM Group Sydney website has a substantial amount of significant, visual content and interesting text for its target audience. It contains better content not just a bunch of pictures or brochure but it is interesting with captivating information for viewers. There is also an email path where viewers can ask questions. The form to be filled requires minimal information. There is a link to its Facebook fan page where viewers can have online interaction. A two way communication is easy and encouraged.

Personal Trainers developing great online strategies to bring in new clients

It used to be said that clothes make the man; I think that these days the web can make the man, yes a web made man. Certainly there are many web made solutions on the web for personal trainers to utilise and there is no need to reinvent the wheel when there are so many web made solutions out there.

Firstly let’s take diet. There are many web sites that purport to provide advice on diet, so which one to choose? Certainly you need to be careful, there is all sorts of nonsense, the other day I saw a diet based on jelly. The good news is there are many Government and University websites that provide very advice on diet, I often us the CSIRO website. The CSIRO provided very simple recipes that represent a balanced diet. Now I know the CSIRO is not as sensational as a jelly diet, but believe me the information is scientifically based.

Another area that is very important to personal trainers is stretching. Again there are all sorts of web sites that have flashy video showing people doing stretching routine. Now here you must be very careful. There are many videos that show young girls stretching to impossible positions, these videos are potentially dangerous. Over stretching can lead to lifelong health problems. I would recommend you look for a website that is sponsored by a physiotherapist association. The advantage of using such a website is that they usually demonstrate stretches in combination with strength exercises that target certain areas of the body. Now personal trainers are not physiotherapists and should not diagnosis problems or recommend treatment, however there is no harm using well researched techniques.

Again a word of warning, do not simply copy information from someone’s website and put it on your own. This will not impress anyone. The best way is to use links on your website leading to the information. This way you do not have bother updating and keeping the information relevant, also it will look more credible.

So here are just a couple of ideas on using web made resources in order to add to your personal trainer web site.

A Rubbish Removal Website from Western Sydney

The Rubbish Removal Sydney NSW website is a clean green looking design with pages covering most of metropolitan Sydney. There is info about recycling and waste management solutions for businesses and individuals. Whether you are seeking a commercial or residential solution to your waste management this site has it all. All the latest news in the green sector is included here online; the digital sphere is at its best when it is educating and informing consumers and clients. They work with schools and community groups as well.

The amount of useful info contained within this site is astounding and this means that nobody has any excuse for claiming ignorance when defending bad environmental practices and cleaning services. You can even attend a Waste and Recycling Expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre. At this premier event on the Australian waste management calendar there are lectures and demonstrations, in addition to the displays of industry participants. Organic waste is a hot topic at the moment in the waste management industry. There is so much more Australians of all descriptions could be doing to reduce land fill and pollution in our cities.

The site has a valuable collection of information rich articles in its blog section. Featured is a cutting edge article on Ocean Rubbish: An Existential Environmental Horror, which list the horrendous effects it has on marine life. The site looks off shore when an article examines Rubbish Removal and Recycling in Thailand; this is a fascinating look into what happens in the waste management sector in a developing country. There are many issues facing Thailand, as they move from open dumping to more sanitary landfilling. Recycling levels are gradually improving, as residents and governments recognise the importance of constructively dealing with their rubbish.

The site offers practical advice for dealing with the many different types of recycling material and how to best approach your recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium, plastics and the many other categories. Rubbish removal in Western Sydney has never been easier and supported by the targeted information available here; everything from bin size suitabilities to commercial rubbish removal options. Industrial wastes are also detailed here and what services this waste management business can offer those in need of their removal. Twenty five years of rubbish removal in Western Sydney and throughout the Sydney metro area has made this organisation a wealth of waste management solutions. Waste management is only going to become more and more important to cities all over the world.


Business Loans? Almost an Exact Match Domain

A fresh no frills website, which fills the bill for those looking for business loans. There are panels for commercial loans, small business loans, short term loans and something called business loans Australia; and these all lead to pages detailing the many features and variables that this finance business services. You need money to make money in the twenty first century; maybe you always did. Money from banks has got harder to access for some and more expensive; due to the new financial regulations brought in recently by the Federal Government.

Post the 2008 global financial meltdown because of the American greed in the subprime mortgage market; governments around the world have stiffened bank reserves. The banks, of course, pass these increased costs on to their customers. This may make alternative sources for finance to become more attractive, especially to those more high risk customers seeking a loan. Low doc business loans can offer those seeking money for their business a quick way to finance their plans.

Business loans? Almost an exact match domain. Yes this site contains things like a business loan calculator, interest rates and FAQ page to answer many of their potential client’s questions. There are also articles about the finance industry and tips for improving business opportunities and profitability. Debt consolidation loans are another speciality of the Business Loans site. This business offers loans right around Australia for businesses everywhere.

Business Loans can help you understand many of the terms used by the finance industry, such as: Appreciation; Collateral; Appraisal; Depreciation; Debt Consolidation; Grace Period; Instalment; Inflation; Low Doc Loan; Maturity; Renovation Loan; Settlement; Sole Ownership; Underwriting; Warranty; Yield; Variable Return; Zone; and many more.

The Business Loans site blog can help you construct an effective business plan, offering valuable information from those professionals in the finance business. There is an article on how to quote your professional services, which will be able to help many who are starting out as professionals. Another article offers advice on dismissing an unsatisfactory employee the right way; this part of being an employer is never easy. There is advice for entering the digital sphere; getting your business online to reap the rewards. There is even advice for job seekers and pitching start up businesses to potential investors. The Business Loans site is much more than just a website offering loans; it is a portal into understanding the entire financial realm.


A Marketing Strategy Website Made in Sydney

Australians are great marketers; they have to be, because they are selling to a much tougher audience. They say the Yanks are the greatest sales nation in the world, what with Hollywood selling American culture all over the globe. Who doesn’t know that you can solve any problem with a gun? American movies take that special message to every fourteen year old in the audience; and let’s face it lots of people never mature beyond that age anyway. Guns and their bullets conquer aliens, despite their superior technologies; they manage to take out supernatural creatures, despite their indifference to these weapons earlier on in the film. Any time an American is in a jam, he turns to his gun. If you can market such stupidity to the world, you can probably market anything.

Sydneysiders and the rest of Australia are not big on guns; especially since Port Arthur and Martin Bryant. Our government, under John Howard, managed to market the anti-gun message to the country; but we were never that into guns anyway. We never marketed the whole shoot em up Wild West to the world; where a quick hand and a gun made you a celebrity. In Sydney we marketed, more recently, the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour, the Bridge and the relaxed Australian way of life.

The Marketim website offer small business marketing consulting and strategies to the whole world. This fresh looking site has a message for its global audience, Australians are not afraid to do anything; and they have succeeded in marketing a former convict colony on an international stage like the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Gone are the low self esteem and the bad fashion statements, and the nasal twang; and subsidising inefficient US car companies manufacturing here. The Marketim website is an example of a new wave of fresh, confident and clever Australians.

Sydney is one of the greatest cities in the world, if you have a dollar or two, and know how to enjoy yourself. Great food is everywhere, great wine and cocktail bars, brilliant weather, beaches, boating, surf, bushland and outdoor living. Exciting new businesses in the IT sector offering ground breaking stuff and this is just the beginning. Money is being made in this city and not just in real estate and property. The Asian financial sector is basing parts of itself here and new investment is making things happen. Plus best of all, we don’t have many guns.

A Horse Racing Betting Website Made in Adelaide

When analysing the Bets Free website, one sees a site dedicated to all things sport and the chance to gamble on those sporting events. From the blue, gold and white colour design to the multi-banner advertising platform, this is a bookmaker’s digital dream. Online gambling is paraded in all its glory through the mounting yard of your mind, as you perceive the numerous opportunities presented before your eyes. The look and feel is kept clear and simple for the punter audience perusing the offers and deals.

The Bets Free site declares itself, first and foremost, a thoroughbred horse racing site and reviews the various online bookmakers through this speciality looking glass. The site looks at the promotions offered by these online gambling sites for the racing enthusiast. There are special promotions on featured races offering money back if your horse runs second and you have backed it for a win. Or, a punter might earn a twenty percent bonus on a winning quaddie on a particular featured race day. Another online bookmaking website offers a visa card in their name, which means that punters can instantly withdraw their winnings rather than waiting a couple of days, which is the usual situation. examines the mobile apps offered by the online bookmaking websites and reviews these for the punter. The size of menus on your phone screen and the functionality of these apps are rated like race horses. Helping you to decide which one you are going to get up on. The pages on each online gambling app use analogies from history and literature to contextualise the key points of their reviews. The Enigma code breaking machine, used by the Allies against the Nazis, is coopted to illuminate one such example.

Betting is big business, there is no escaping that fact, and it matches up exceedingly well with the digital sphere. With gadgets and devices which can make betting not only easier but also much more enjoyable. Computers have the number crunching brain power to provide instant odds on a diverse range of markets, which means what is on offer to the humble punter now is mind boggling. It sure beats the old days of SP bookies and crowded and dirty TABs. I loved that ad on TV about the kind of people you met in those places; I personally remember them well and what they smelt like.

A Lead Generation Website about Sharepoint Consulting


The look and feel of the website suggests the excitement of Australia’s biggest and boldest city, Sydney. The glittering full screen image of the Opera House, the harbour and Sydney by night all point toward the success of size and sharing in that success. Business is about effective communication and the digital sphere is the place to make that communication really happen. The navigation bar offers drop down menus for services, information and search, each of which takes the viewer deeper into the Sharepoint solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Sharepoint is about workflow, deployment planning, business intelligence, site branding, content migration, enterprise content management and standalone development. Microsoft Sharepoint developers customise these kinds of digital solutions for businesses big and small. With growth comes new challenges in communication for all aspects of doing business. Utilising developments in the most widely used software medium makes sense and Sharepoint leads the way.

Recent posts on the site look ahead to future and coming trends, and examine social media trends in business. Cloud computing has changed the way things are being done these days in the digital realm. Sharepoint consultancy services can analyse your businesses requirements for interstaff and customer communication. Work processes will be streamlined, your employees will save time and you will be able to integrate the latest technologies into your business model. Sharepoint solutions will enable increased security and improve client relationships. proudly lets potential customers know that they developed solutions for some of the largest and most respected corporations in Australia. These include the Commonwealth Bank, AMP, Macquarie Bank, LJ Hooker, Colonial First State, Richard Crookes Constructions and Camp Quality. The clean white background makes the logos of these companies and the Microsoft Windows logo really stand out; this is a business built on quality brand names.

The site points to its total service model, which includes: consultancy, to design, to implementation and finally, customer adoption. They offer reliability and power from their web server, search engine and scalable infrastructure; including Office 365 integration. Sharepoint consulting and development provide modern business with the necessary tools to succeed in the twenty first century. There are also opportunities for the creation of lead generation for sharepoint companies.

This website avoids the blandness of many sites in the IT sector of the World Wide Web. It stands out waving the flag for Microsoft solutions for businesses everywhere and in every industry.


A Industry Website Based in Brisbane is directory site for the adult’s services industry in Australia; as its name so obviously suggests. The look and feel of the design is early twentieth century bad boys meets gentlemen’s club. Black and white predominantly with the odd touch of brilliant red; these seem to be the colours most favoured by the commercial sex industry. The style of the theme seems tailor made for the site’s market. The site is categorised geographically into the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, and Darwin. The website is marketing these brothels to the bigger populations of Toms, Dicks and Harries.

Viewers can also connect with the boys and girls from through social media, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The commercial sex world is alive with sharing via these mediums, as they seek to reach their market of libidinous men. There are articles posted online about erotic massage in Australia and whether most pairs of beautiful breasts are real. Plus there are articles presenting marketing tips for brothel owners, and articles encouraging pornstar acting abilities, encouraging masturbation for better health, complaining about women faking orgasms, and listing brothels in smaller regional areas of the country.

This site has images of beautiful bodies bared to entice arousal in its audience, as they peruse the listings for various brothels in state and territory capital cities around the nation. The brothels in Brisbane page has a menu which includes Miso Honey, which suggests a market for those who liked to be smeared by something sticky; which is both salty and sweet with an Asian flavour. Asian escorts and specialty Asian brothels are very popular in Queensland it seems, with a preponderance of girls of this ethnicity advertising their sexual services in the tropical state. Perhaps they love the climate up there and getting all sweaty.

Sydney is definitely Australia’s ‘sin city’ with more listings for adult sex service providers than any other territory. This website will have a listing for you if you are in the market for some commercial sex. The site has a tight focus on the brothel business in Australia and regularly ranks number one on most search engines for the terms brothels Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and the other listed territories. Good SEO is vital for all businesses advertising their wares in the digital sphere and the sex industry is a big player online.


A Recycling Magazine for Sydney’s Digital Readers

RecyclingScreenshot is a new magazine style website informing Sydneysiders about all things recycling. A spacious design with lots of big pictures, the aim of the site seems to be to inspire residents to recycle more and better. The navigation bar offers buttons for recycling, Sydney, waste disposal, skip bins and the environment. Under these headings are articles about various initiatives in both the public and private sectors, which encourage recycling. The environment in large cities like Sydney, where millions of people live, is constantly under pressure from inefficient waste disposal, pollution and land fill.

The website links to the Australian Federal Government’s fact sheets on waste policy, and to the City of Sydney Council information pages on recycling and bin collections. Doyle Bros from the private waste management sector are also represented and the link to their website offers a range of articles and information sheets on all things recycling. Recent posts on include missives on the marketing of waste disposal, reviews of other Aussie eco websites and advice about rubbish in the festive season.

Pinterest is the main social media channel employed by the designers of this website and this fits with the strong emphasis on images to impress the recycling message. They say every picture tells a thousand stories and is out to prove that adage. When viewers can see what to do they do not have to spend a lot of time reading up on how to do things. Much of the recycling message is common sense and this site reminds us all to keep on recycling.

Recycling does fall into a number of categories and this site has pages explaining the various approaches required to maximise the effectiveness of recycling within the waste disposal industry. Getting glass and cans into the recycling bin in their loose state rather than inside a bin liner is essential for effective recycling of this material; otherwise they end up as landfill because the facilities cannot deal with bagged items, as they clog up their machines. Food scraps and waste are best interred into the ground for compost by residents living in homes with gardens. Apartment dwellers could come together and find a communal place to deal with their compost, perhaps in concert with the building management and/or local council. Newspaper should be kept separate from cardboard, as it can be directly recycled back into making more newspapers. Discover where you can drop these things off rather than chucking them all into your yellow bin together.

This is a valuable site for the environment in Sydney and it will only continue to improve as it grows in size.


A Phone Service Website Made in Sydney

The website is a fairly blue affair, with flashing banners and images of near naked girls enticing the viewer to come and play. Or, should I say come and do business, because at the bottom of the glitz and glam this is a commercial sex business site. The site features opportunities for live phone sex, video sex, adult dating, live web cam girls and a mobile sex video service. This is adult services engaging with digital technology and its devices to the max. It is the virtual fulfilment of male fantasies in exchange for payment.

It could, I suppose, be described as one big digital masturbatory aid service with lots of options for the imagination challenged market; which is obviously a large one. The site is plugged into all the main channels of social media, with Twitter, Facebook Google+, Pinterest and SumoMe all getting a guernsey. This is sex and communication rolling over and into each other again and again. Adult hook-ups and sex dating are calling out for the viewer’s contact details; and the site offers a newsletter membership feature.

The site’s blog is a storehouse of erotic stories to get readers in the mood for some live video sex action or sexting or live phone sex. Discover true life stories of phone sex workers and their proclivities. There are lots more images, supposedly of, attractive phone sex operatives; but of course with the fraudulent Internet you will never really know will you? wants you to believe in the fantasy and that is what this commercial sex website is all about.

Get porn on your mobile phone by downloading or streaming sex videos from this site. The need to be aroused by images of fornicating females is met in spades by this multi-functional adult’s only website. It could be described as a hub for digital sex, where pixels pant like virtual sex babes and sound bytes leave electronic love bites in your cerebral core. Phone sex in Sydney has never been more accessible for the horny and untouched. The hook-ups and sex dating network functions may provide customers with opportunities to have actual sex with a physically present human being.

A phone sex website made in Sydney, which engages with a market built on sexual allure. Commercial sex that digitally delivers images and sounds of sex to those that wish to be thus entertained.

An Entertainment Directory for Australia

The website is an adult services site covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. It contains directory listing for escorts in all of these state capital cities in a variety of categories. The site is styled in a provocative manner utilising the contrasting colours of black, red and white. Suggestive images of scantily dressed female escorts are paraded across the pages to stimulate the reader’s sexual interest. The site’s navigation bar offers listing category choices for escorts, brothels, agencies, massage, media services, and blogs.

The site offers the opportunity to sign up for membership if you are an escort or associated sex industry business. After an initial free 14 day trial period advertisers are charged monthly fees which begin at $80 and upwards. MPM offers escorts professional photographic services to enhance their media profile on the site. The digital age has provided the adult services industry with a highly effective portal into the hands and homes of its market. Escorts can offer their services discreetly and directly to interested punters. There has been an explosion in the promotional use of the Internet and social media, especially Twitter, by sex workers in Australia. has links to a Twitter account My Playmate @MyPlayMateAU; and Instagram and Facebook accounts as well.

The site also has a rich collection of blogs and posts, which are a mix of the informative and titillating. Readers can learn about aspects of the Adult Industry, including Dominatrix escorts, sex workers for the elderly, the top male escorts, freaky condoms, sexting etiquette, vaginal exercises, the porn industry and lots more. You will find out more about the wonderful world of commercial sex than you ever thought possible.

The directory functionality of the website includes Google GPS location finder to assist the customer in accessing escorts in the geographically appropriate area. Whether the client is looking for male escorts, transgender, fantasy escorts and/or high class escorts the directory can fulfil these specific requirements. Escorts in Melbourne, for example, provides a visual collection of some dozen featured escorts, which you can then click on to for further individual details. The directory page will tell you the escorts age, gender, ethnicity, height, eye colour, body type, price per hour and their distance in km from the punter. The functionality of the directory listing will further provide break downs on rates for different chronological requirements, availability times, specific sexual services provided, languages spoken and other pertinent individual information.